Our Industries and Markets

We offer innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and markets.


Products for safe and reliable supply of breathing air.
Fire Fighting

Fire services around the world trust in our products.

Compressor systems for industrial applications - reliable, high performance and efficient.
Maritime / Offshore

Whether it's SOLAS equipment or breathing air, we provide suitable solutions according to the requirements.
CNG and Biogas

Stationary compressors for the compression of natural gas, biogas and hydrogen.

Our range of breathing air compressors provide the reliable back up for hyperbaric chamber installations around the globe.
Motor Sport

L&W can provide your team with HP solutions for your success in sport.
Sporting Guns / Paintball

Whether at 200 bar or 300 bar, L&W offers compressors and storage systems to fill cartridges for high pressure air weapon.

Lenhardt & Wagner is one of the leading and renowned
manufacturer in the market of high-pressure applications.

New Products

Our new products at a glance.

300 l/min.

LW 300 E III Compact 420 bar

Capacity: 300 l/min.
Prime mover: E-Motor
Drive power: 7.5 kW
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Remote Tab Control - RTC

The L&W Remote Tab Control (RTC) is available for all electric motor driven compressors from LW 230 and larger.

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150 l/min.

LW 150 E MC

Capacity: 150 l/min.
Prime mover: 3 Phase Power
Drive power: 3.0 kW
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200 l/min.

LW 200 E MC

Capacity: 200 l/min.
Prime mover: 3 Phase Power
Drive power: 4.0 kW
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250 l/min.

LW 250 E MC

Capacity: 250 l/min.
Prime mover: 3 Phase Power
Drive power: 5.5 kW
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L&W CO2 Filter

The professional solution to reduce the CO2 value below the permissible limit in the intake section of the compressor.

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Puracon Stationary PRO CO/CO2

The new Puracon Stationary Pro CO/CO2 is the professional solution for the continuous monitoring of Humidity, CO/CO2.

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Puracon Stationary PRO BA

The new Puracon Stationary PRO BA is the professional solution for continuous monitoring of humidity + CO + CO2 + O2 and VOC.

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